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Peinture d'un arbre par une artiste du Québec
Peintures de paysages, forets et arbres par l'artiste peintre Chantal Bourque



Photo credit : Josiane Farand, L'art de capter

Originally from Baie-des-Chaleurs in Gaspésie (Québec), I've been fascinated by the emotional power of images since childhood. I quickly developed a keen interest in the arts, thanks to several years of oil painting classes. By combining touches of color, I could see the infinite possibilities of evoking emotions, evoking feelings and making people dream.

At the same time, I developed another interest, that of nature. My father, a forestry technician, passed on to me his love of the forest, but above all taught me to respect it. For me, every moment spent in the forest is synonymous with well-being, and I began incorporating trees into my creations.

I pursued my passion for the arts with a Diploma of College Studies in Visual Arts, a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Communications, followed by an Attestation of Collegial Studies in Multimedia Programming. Now based in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, I continue to promote the beauty of forests. Reading a book by Peter Wohlleben deepened my understanding of trees; from then on, they became the main element of my creations.

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