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Painting of an autumn landscape in Quebec


-- SOLD --


Dimensions: 40 H x 24 W inches
Technique: Acrylic paint, mixed media and tree barks on canvas

Year :2021
Sealed paint with two coats of UV-resistant satin varnish. Outer contour painted black. Painting with hanging system, ready for wall mounting.

Description of the work

For the creation of this painting, I was inspired by a photograph taken at Les Forestiers-de-Saint-Lazare nature park. It was while walking the trails with my dog that I spotted these superb birch trees. It would have been hard not to notice them, as the luminous color of their bark contrasted sharply with the autumnal landscape. What's more, they were grouped together in an open area of the forest, making them even more appealing to the eye. They gave the impression of being grouped together to help each other get through the bad weather, to form a united family. The taller, beefier ones seemed to be setting an example for the smaller, more fragile ones, showing them that, over the years, patience, hope and resilience will pay off. From their base, lined with green plants, to their crown, lost in the color of the sky, this bouquet of birches was a joy to behold!


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