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Painter and autumn landscape


-- SOLD --


Dimensions: 24 H x 18 W inches
Technique: Acrylic paint, mixed media and tree barks on canvas

Year: 2021
Sealed paint with two coats of UV-resistant satin varnish. Outer contour painted black. Painting with hanging system, ready for wall mounting.

Description of the work

I was inspired to create this painting by a photograph taken at Grandes-Piles (Mauricie), Sentier national - Tronçon Père Jacques-Buteux The landscape before us was exceptional. The mountains criss-crossing the horizon in the distance, the river winding through the landscape, the splendid view from the cliffs, the gigantic trees towering over the forest and giving off a fresh scent, the winding trail beckoning us to follow it to the summit, the roots and rocks camouflaging the steep slopes... a wonderful sight for the eyes, the painter in me saw so much potential! Without taking a closer look between the branches, it would have been easy to miss some hidden treasures, including this slender, frail tree hidden by beautiful ferns.

In order to represent this tree as faithfully as possible, I deliberately chose a smaller canvas format than I usually use. The diameter of the trunk and the size of the ferns are therefore of realistic proportion. Also, in order to reproduce the effect of time that seemed to have affected the bark of this tree, I used a larger quantity of mixed mediums. The final effect is a slightly more raised and textured bark, making it easier to show the cracks in the bark. In order to make the work dynamic and create a contrast with the color of the trunk, I intentionally used more vibrant hues for the decor surrounding the tree. The green and orange dominating the visual thus create an energetic, invigorating painting, all in an autumnal atmosphere.


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