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Painting of a magical forest and trees




Dimensions: 3x (48H x 16W) inches
Technique: Acrylic paint on canvas

Year: 2019

Description of the work

I thought the landscape had a fairy-tale quality to it: a patch of sunlight illuminated old tree stumps, roots were scattered all over the ground, reaching up to the sky in an unusual way, green moss clothed every open space, contrasting with the orange dead leaves covering the ground. This part of the forest looked like something out of a fairy tale. This magnificent, enchanting setting also included a small wooded area running alongside a path, close to a stream whose gentle splashing could be heard. The daylight that filtered through the trees illuminated the scene, turning the foliage and moss covering the trees a soft green.

Part of this forest had been cleared, and old tree stumps dotted the landscape, intermingled with roots and dead branches. You could see the life clinging to the elements of the forest, dotting every patch with moss-green, as if nature refused to concede defeat.

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