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Painting by Quebec painter Chantal Bourque




Dimensions: 2X (54H x 24W) inches
Technique: Acrylic paint, mixed media and tree barks on canvas

Year: 2020
Sealed paint with two coats of UV-resistant satin varnish. Outer contour painted black. Painting with hanging system, ready for wall mounting.

Description of the work

The inspiration for this diptych came from a forest in Saint-Siméon, in Gaspésie. At the edge of a path, ferns with golden foliage grace the landscape, seeming to point the way. Dense and luminous, they waltz with the wind, dancing to the rhythm of the morning breeze. In the color of joie de vivre, these spirited young plants light up the scene, seeming to pay homage to the old trees that dot the scenery around them. A show for the eyes, where youth celebrates old age.


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